Lil Kim – Kimmy Blanco


Lil Kim was supposed to drop her Hard Core 2k13 on Black Friday, but it’s been delayed again. Hopefully she gets her shit together and manages to release it before the end of the year, otherwise it’s going to need a title change. In the meantime she’s released “Kimmy Blanco.”

For those keeping track, the tape is a sequel to her debut album, and features Jadakiss, Yo Gotti, French Montana, and the other Montana, Miley Cyrus.

01. Intro – In a-Minor 2
02. Real Sick feat. Jadakiss
03. Kimmy Blanco
04. Be Careful
05. Dead Gal Walking
06. Stadium Music feat. Yo Gotti
07. Whenever You See Me
08. Haterz
09. Crush On You 2
10. Work Da Pole
11. Suicide feat. French Montana
12. Bad Bitch feat. Miley Cyrus
13. Look Like Money

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