Exclusive: Jae E Interview


Over the last few months I’ve been corresponding with up and coming rapper Jae E‘s road manager, Cee. I was able to setup a small interview with him and get to know who Jae is and what he’s about. Enjoy!

Where did you grow up?

I am originally from New Orleans man, but I moved around a lot after Katrina. Few month’s in Rhode Island and then moved down to North Carolina and then finally out west to Arizona.

How old were you when you spit your first record?

I was in the studio a lot at a young age. My pops was the lead singer in the R&B group Real Seduction who was signed to Atlantic so I messed around a lot as a young’n. But the first record I recorded on my own (Mixed, Mastered and recorded) I’d have to say I was 14 it was called “Way Back When”.

How were you introduced into the rap game?

Like I mentioned in the above question I pretty much grew up around music — but as far as how I got into rap…Haha I couldn’t sing like my pops. I secretly wanna be an R&B singer.

Who are your biggest influences whether it be old school or new school rap artists or both?

My biggest influences would have to be Big Daddy Kane just for his image and presence when he was doing his thing, Hov [Jay-Z] of course for the simple fact that he took his music and branched out to become a successful business man (not to mention he married Beyonce haha). But I’m from the south and I do enjoy the likes of T.I., Ludacris (of old) and Mystikal. Live performance wise and mark my word “Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star are the best duo hands down”.

Who would you say is your favorite artist(s) or group out today?

I really like what Fabolous has been doing, the Soul Tape 2 was a dope project. Other than Fab, Id have to say Tip [T.I.].

Who have you opened shows for?

Over the last year I have been real busy between California, Las Vegas and Arizona opening for the likes of E-40, Wale, Tyga, Honey Cocaine, Game, Bone Thugs, Kendrick Lamar (BET Music Matters), Too $hort, Black Hippy and Paul Wall.

What are your current plans for a new mixtape or album and who might you want to collab with you?

We are planning on releasing a new EP sometime second quarter titled Man On Fire. As far as features we have a joint with Young Dro that I think people will enjoy and we have a couple others brewing but nothing set in stone.

Who would you want to do a collab with if you weren’t working on a project and just wanted a solo club banger out there for the time being to get you exposed even further?

To be honest, in this industry you gotta ride whats hot as far the club scene. So I would have to say 2 Chainz.

What is the name of your current mixtape or album??

ADITL: First Class (Second installment).

What are your current plans for 2013? Upcoming shows, etc.

2013 We will really be pushing the lead single from the ADITL Project “Go Get It” Ft. E40 and Thaddeous Shade for the first part of the year. We should have a video in place here soon. As far as shows we have a gig with E-40 in Redlands, CA on the 31st and then we are going to follow that up with a show here at home Feb. 17th with Cam’ron. The main objective is to just grow as an artist and stay true to our brand and continue to put out solid material.

First off, I’d like to thank Jae E and Cee for providing us this interview into who Jae is and what’s he’s all about. Make sure ya’ll check him out!

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