StreetHype: DJ Moejo, the breakbeat chick

As part of our ongoing StreetHype section, we’ve decided to showcase some up and coming DJ talents. DJs break the latest music, and have been responsible for setting trends in Hip-Hop since DJ Kool Herc fathered the style.

Up and coming female vinyl spinner DJ Moejo has been tuned into her music scene for almost ten years now. She has made a name for herself as a true school breakbeat DJ and her fans and supporters can attest she’s real behind the wheels of steel. DJ Moejo loves the music and she loves to vibe with the crowd’s energy. No matter is she’s got 10 of her closest friends on the dance floor or she’s got 1000 loyal music lovers attending a festival.

We caught up with her to introduce her to our readers.

Paulie Pulaski: How did your start in becoming a DJ? How did you fall in love with vinyl when there are other options like CD Djing, Control Djing, and Laptop Djing? How long have you been a “DJ”?

DJ Moejo: I started Djing because I was always surrounded by good music and people who were into electronic dance music. I became friends with people who mixed music which lead into me trying it out and that is when I started to learn. I feel in love with vinyl a few months after I started trying to learn the craft. I first started playing on CDJ Pioneer 800s for the first few months but then I got to thinking if I am going to “DJ” I need to be a real DJ and learn how use the original method of mixing records, because there is a method to the madness. I play on Technic 1200 turntables when I’m mixing records and usually at the night club I jam on some CDJ Pioneers. I have been mixing since I was 19 years old so roughly 4 years. Its blood sweat and tears learning the art but if you stick with it you will understand its art in time.

How do you plan to capitalize on this buzz about Moejo?

Building a brand up, staying active within my scene and bringing my music and talent to face value. Launching my, and websites to the world. Keep rockin’ out my bookings, keeping a positive vibe around, keep grinding hard with practice and keeping in close touch with my friends, fans, loved ones, family, future business partners and letting good musical influences flow.

So what exactly is your style of music all about?

I play Breakbeats mostly. The breakbeat came from hip hop, and some breakbeats are slow like hip hop. Most breaks I play are very groovy, breakbeats sound like fast hip hop almost having extra high hats and deeper bass lines that just get your heart pumpin’. Electronic dance music is like an umbrella with many sub-culture genres within the “EDM” style.

What is your typical DJ set?

Well I usually play what I feel on how the crowd and I are connecting, I usually don’t plan my DJ sets and those end up being the best ones. I play old school breaks to new school, hip-hop influenced breaks, late 90’s early 2000 good radio track remixed breaks, girl and guy vocal breaks, dirty, funky, trance breaks, dub breaks, house breaks and lots of other unique breakbeat tracks. Some influences I have are Stanton Warriors, DJ Icey, Huda Hudia, Plump DJ’s and newer producers tracks have always made their way into my sets.

So where can we find more music and learn more about you Moejo?

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