• shady soldier

    but he isnt side dissin

  • shady soldier

    you cant compare Cube to Eminem they have different styles…
    Cube is all about gangsta and street.
    Eminem is a “life rapper” spits about life, not bitches and cash
    but over all i like Eminem more for his rap style and respect Cube for his

    and Fuck lil wayne that auto-tune bitch cant rap for shit… hes as bad as drake

  • guest dude

    that’s cause em is from the east side bro he from detroit

  • Quinonezfam

    Ice cube is real talk. True west coast gangsta rap. Dre and skinny cracker eminem are making the west look bad. Bringing in other styles to blend in the west is a no no, so you need real rappers like cube to srand up and say something

  • Williamtatum11

    U did hear Renegade, Forever, Drop the World, and No LoVe right and your saying that Jay-Z and Lil Wayne out spit Em…. I think u need to go back and listen to those tracks again son. Why u think Jay and Em haven’t done a song again for so long or many other rappers. Cuz Em shreds MC’s just ask Game.

  • Lousuffer135150

    Cube is a dope emcee but his whole “gangsta” thing is a facade.He was never put on any set yet he always portrays the image of a Rolling 60’s NHC[HAHA!].It’s cool that he dissed Kayne and Wayne but he’s in no position to diss any emcee with skills[i.e. Eminem,Jay-Z and some new West Coast artists]

  • Ice Cube is strictly NIGGA, hardcore nigga!!!!


    Gotta murk somebody with style and content to get at CUBE.

  • Siciliano

    Ive been a Buce fan for as long as I can remember and as the hiphop/rap scene changes and get more commercialized by corporations, I cant help but continue to relate to Cubes message which is still straight up. Raw Footage was siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick and to the point. I wish more people would do what Cube is doing which is saying FUCK YOU to the corporations and those controlling the record industy. They are trying to shut out of the industry one the originators of what now is. I never reallylikes Jay – Z, Wayne, or Kanye anyways, and if you do some research, you will see there are more reasons why they are in the spot light and Cube isnt. To quote a Cube line from way back “before you sell your soul, you beter do the math” Rock on O’Shea, we wit ya homie!!!

  • Bushwack Bill

    “RAW FOOTAGE” Ice Cube’s 2008 latest album was RAW!!! REAL HIPHOP! Wayne, Kanye could never get close to the topics Cube highlights. These House-niggas talk about cars and hoes, but Cube talks about real life!