• ricksmiFF

    The HIVirus that causes AIDS is not as profuse in the sexual organs of women,although there is a virulent strain,more common to Central and southern Africa,where this is the complete opposite,most men in the U.S.catch the virus via dirty needles or swm,Hetero sex usually victimizes the female with the virus.

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  • TresorNaquiaBlanco

    It’s something about Eazy E’s death that doesn’t add up. Just like any illness when it begins, you start to have symptoms. I had both a brother and sister who succumbed to the deadly virus, and they both showed signs of high fever, persistent coughin, diarrhea, sweating profusely. I saw Eazy E on a show two months prioe to his passing, and he looked the picture of perfect health, although you don’t have to look sick to have HIV. If that’s the case, why is his widow in perfect health to this day? Was there actual proof of his blood test coming back as positive? How come his children and all of his other kids mothers don’t have it? If Eazy E really had AIDS, some bitches would’ve came forward saying they contracted the virus from him, and sue? Something just doesn’t sit well with his death.

  • mysterymr

    well thank you for enlightening us with your words of wisdom. Usually one would have to frequent a county fair or the local bowling alley to meet a person of your caliber. I fear you may not realize how many lives you have touched with your deep and meaningful insight. I humbly beg you to continue spreading your knowledge with the world. You, my friend, should freeze your sperm to ensure future generations are able to experience the direction and guidance you so generously share.

  • WesLionSmith

    Why does his son not have it?? Did you really ask something so stupid?? He had sex with countless numbers of women. For starters, AIDS isn’t carried by sperm itself, it is in the seminal fluid but even if the mother got AIDS they have technology that can keep a child from catching AIDS from the mother. But on top of that, it is COMPLETELY 100% possible that he impregnated the mother with his child FIRST and THEN caught AIDS later. These conspiracy theories happen because of stupidity and ignorance. You don’t die directly from AIDS. You really need to read that sentence multiple times and really understand it. YOU DON’T DIE FROM AIDS DIRECTLY. AIDS destroys your immune system and you die from the diseases you catch from not having an immune system. If Eazy-E did not know about the disease until it progressed to the point that it already destroyed his immune system so he could no longer fight diseases then it is entirely possible and likely that he could die quickly after the diagnoses. Some people do go through a gradual downhill descent because they keep catching and fighting minor diseases but as mentioned here he likely had pneumonia already. Pneumonia kills people who have fully functional immune systems. And yet it’s a conspiracy theory that a man who no longer had a functional immune system because of AIDS died quickly? Learn the facts of the subject you are speaking about before you give your opinion, because then you might find out how foolish your original opinion really is.

  • Dopes213

    If eazy e had aids from fucking all sorts of hoes,then why does his son(lil eazy e)not have aids/hiv?think about it fuckin ignorant asses that dont think shiit like that is going on behind all of our backs but the sad thing is that you stupid fucks fall into believing anything that the media and the gov’t tells you because its easier for your ass to live life…in a fucking LIE.but oh well only the man upstairs knows what really happened and when I get there,imma ask eazy,pac and biggie what really fuckin happened and I will be looking at you stupid asses telling you,I TOLD YOU SO BIIIITCHEESSSSS

  • Ian

    Oh let’s appeal to magic now.