1. davian
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 13:49:21

    I just have to say this was probably one of the most effective posts I’ve had the chance to read on the topic so far. I don’t understand where you learn all of your information but up! I’m gunna send a few individuals your way to read this. Fantastic, totally awesome. I’m just getting into spitting out articles myself, nothing remotely close to your writing skills (lol) but I’d love for you to look over my stuff sometime! right here

  2. yoshi245
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 10:08:33

    You kidding me? Thisis50 has the biggest dick riders. The song was ok, video was a waste of time, at least with his pimpin curly shit some parts of it were funny.

  3. Stred
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 06:26:31

    What the fuck was that? I want my 6 minutes back 50

  4. jay
    Oct 23, 2009 @ 02:25:35

    u guys r the biggest 50 cent dick riders

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