Jay-Z says Nas and Eminem are his only competition


Although The Game seems to be constantly dissing him, Jay-Z has yet to respond. In a new interview, he explained why he hasn’t fired back at people like Game and Jim Jones, saying he doesn’t consider them real competition. Besides explaining why Game and Jimmy aren’t competitive, Jigga explains that artists like Nas and Eminem are his only real competition.

“Not really that competitive, because the competition isn’t based on real competition,” Jay says in the October issue of XXL Magazine. “I mean, Game, I’m his fuckin’ idol. If you ask him and he’s being truthfully honest with you it’s just based off his insecurities and, for the most part, pretension. That type of competition doesn’t do anything for me. It’s almost like someone trying to set you up, and everyone knows they’re to set you up, and everybody. It’s just dumb. It’s not in the spirit of competition, because he’s not competition for me. He’s not. Not then, not ever — he’d have to improve considerably. Competition for me competition is Nas, Eminem. Like Jim Jones?

That’s ridiculous to me. So how do I respond to that? I can’t win. If I win, then they’ll be like, ‘See. Now chill. You’re a fuckin’ bully.’ And if it manages to throw a haymaker from the West Coast, then it’s like ‘Oooooh.’ It’s not even fun. Like, before I did it, because I would diss anybody. Now who has time to do this shit everyday? But before, when I was running after the little fat nigga from Ma$e‘s camp, I was doing anybody.

Anybody said anything. If I thought you said something. When I was running in the streets, I wanted all that type of activity. Nobody wanted nothing. Now everybody’s a tough guy.”


  1. Unknown
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 21:00:00

    being honest here Jay z is an all time great that is a fact but there rappers that are just very gifted let’s just say tupac biggie ate untouchable tupac songs get to me I feel them dear mama changes hot em up ghetto gospel I coul on eminem nas are also better in terms of wordplay and pure lyricism hear nas one mic that’s pure lyricst but u can’t deny Jay z is also a beast I would say his best I think is blue magic story tellin lyrics the slow rap that does it for me but some people mentioned immortal technique and underground rappers and the game is not in the level of jay

  2. Anonymous
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 09:11:00

    I dont see any emcee competeng with Jay-z he is the best of all times, he is bigger than Tupac, Biggie, to prove my aguement go to google and see who is the richest Rapper alive, its Jay-z, fuck all those who have a problem with jay-z yhea!!!!

  3. Timberlove
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 09:05:00

    if you analyse things Jay-z is the only Rapper still standing, All those Nas,Eminem,Game are nothing to Jay-z they shit, Jay-z is the coolest rapper living!!

  4. Timberlove
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 09:01:00

    mother fucker Jay-z is the real thing, fuck all those niggers against Jay-z!!

  5. Mluleki Mdodana
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 00:37:00


  6. Guest
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 04:34:00

    How do you come to that conclusion? Jay is one of the most lyrical out there. Personally I like Nas better, but Jay is crazy too. I do think the only thing he’s done well since The Black Album was American Gangster, but he’s even said he dumbed down lyrics to make more money, and I can’t blame him. That’s the market- dumbass suburban kids who just want a good beat and a nice hook. Jay is a rapper, but he’s primarily a businessman, and is extremely skilled in that respect.

  7. John
    Apr 05, 2011 @ 15:12:00

    when people say “his not lyrically as good as some other rappers” thats just bullshit, each person feels diffeerently each has thier own feelings, in the world are there any same person who looks alike no not all, for me i dont get some of jayz lyrics i mean i get wahts he sayin but that was not my life so lyrcis depend on what people like to hear, heres bigge’s line” i used to read word out of magazines” o something like that i could relate to biggie where as jay talks about how poor he was how hard was it for him crime, but u got to give jay credit on renegade his verses were real tight but ems just a little ahead,

  8. Nboy-cman
    Dec 18, 2010 @ 12:55:00

    Nas,Eminem,Immortal Technique,Diabolic,Papoose,Ice Cube,Kool G Rap can destroy Jay Z, they will murder him Jay Z will start crying.

    Ice Cube should of sticked to rapper he would of won so many awards and loads more people would know who he is. He could destroy Jay Z

  9. Johnnydebrain
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 02:43:00

    aint u dumb? 2pac behind nas? even nas wud shoot ur ass 4dis..pac is er ti rap ever was, is, n will be. get a brain boy

  10. Smith.
    Dec 02, 2010 @ 21:37:43

    The game is lyk this.2 pac first then biggie, then naz then jay-z period

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