Outlawz member arrested in Sweden


Earlier today I posted a new video clip from Stormey and now I have received word that The Outlawz member has been arrested in Sweden on possession of a controlled substance.

According to Young Noble, Stormey and his driver were interrogated by Swedish Border Patrol for five hours, after which the driver was released while Stormey was detained.

Here is what The Outlawz told StreetHop.com:

The Outlawz believe this was a clear case of racial and social profiling, being that Stormey is African-American and a Hip Hop Artist. Several months or so before this incident, Snoop Dogg had eluded Swedish Authorities and narrowly avoided arrest himself for similar charges. They also believe that Stomey is now being held with the malicious intent to be “made an example of” as a result of this.

Sweden being one of the strictest countries when it comes to drugs, with a ZERO Tolerance Law. Stormey is currently sitting in a Swedish jail cell awaiting sentencing while the rest of The Outlawz continue on there European tour as planned, praying for there comrades safe and swift release.


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    Wika linked to this website

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    yeah,wats up wit pac,is there no new LP coming from him again?

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