Exclusive: Download the original uncut “Makaveli” album


Producer QD3 gave fans an exclusive listen to Tupac Shakur’s Makaveli – The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory album today in its original form, the way Tupac originally submitted it to the record label and the original way he wanted it.

The whole thing was a result of him promising to stream the original work on uStream.com if he got 5000 followers on his Twitter page.

The 40-minute stream featured 9 uncut songs from the original album, as well as a fan-favorite – the unreleased and original version of “Friends” which was produced by QD3 and later remixed for the Too Gangsta for Radio CD compilation.

QD3 did not state whether or not he would release the music in the future.

For the fans that weren’t able to tune into the original stream this afternoon, StreetHop.com writer Rahim has recorded the stream and we’re giving it to you as belated birthday gift in honor of Pac’s birthday.

DOWNLOAD: The Original Makaveli Album

You can follow QD3 by going to his Twitter page http://www.twitter.com/QD3. Once again, big thanks to Rahim for providing the audio and thanks to QD3 for allowing the fans to hear it.

The tracklist of the live stream is as follows:

01. Intro/Bomb First (My Second Reply)
02. Hail Mary
03. Me and My Girlfriend
04. Lost Souls
05. To Live & Die in L.A.
06. Against All Odds
07. Life of an Outlaw
08. Friends
09. Blasphemy